Our Curriculum

Why Your Gender Bridge Training Matters

Legal Definitions in Simple Terms

Your Legal Rights & Responsibilities As An Employer

How to Implement an Effective Anti-Harassment Policy & Reporting System

Important Stats on Harassment & Relevant Examples

The 6 Simple Steps for You to Solve a Harassment Case

What To Do As A Bystander When You Witness Sexual Harassment

What To Do If You’ve Been Sexually Harassed

What to Do If You’ve Sexually Harassed a Colleague

How To Spot Harassment Before It Happens

The 15 Most Effective Tactics To Prevent Sexual Harassment

The Challenges of Cultural Conditioning

Becoming Free From Our Unconscious Biases

How to Keep Your Hiring & Performance Review Processes Non-Gender-Biased

How Empathy And A Mindful Use of Power Make You A Better Leader

How To Respect & Empower Your LGBTQ Colleagues

How To Create A Diverse & Inclusive Culture

9 Case Studies To Assess and Solve Sexual Harassment Cases

Conclusion & Certification