In-Person Training

Over and over again, companies contact Gender Bridge because their employees now feel scared to interact with one another after receiving a traditional training on sexual harassment. The negative impact on teamwork and productivity is real.

Solely focusing on legal definitions and on what is forbidden will not help prevent harassment (numerous studies show it) and won't help you foster a great culture. 

Scaring your staff has more chance to divide your team, increase stereotypes and augment inequalities than it does to improve your culture. The legal cost of not training your employees with an effective and culture boosting training is high.

Gender Bridge has the most positive and engaging in-person training compliant with your state's laws.

The main difference is that we focus on easy-to-apply daily tactics needed to prevent harassment before it happens. We are the only legally compliant training that uses a “diversity and inclusion” approach which ensures a long-lasting positive impact on your culture. Believe it or not, our training is even fun!

We will help you build a respectful and awesome company culture!

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