Training Experience Outline

1.5 hr, gender-neutral, empowering.

  • 1
    Welcome to your Gender Bridge training!
    • Before we begin...
    • Why Your Gender Bridge Training Matters
  • 2
    All You Must Know About Harassment
    • Legal Definitions in Simple Terms
    • Important Canadian Stats on Harassment & Relevant Examples
    • Quiz 1: Mastering The Legalities of Harassment
  • 3
    How To Deal With Sexual Harassment
    • The 6 Simple Steps for You to Solve a Harassment Case
    • What To Do As A Bystander When You Witness Sexual Harassment
    • What To Do If You’ve Been Sexually Harassed
    • What to Do If You’ve Sexually Harassed a Colleague
    • Quiz 2: Knowing Exactly How To Handle Harassment
  • 4
    How To Prevent Sexual Harassment
    • The 15 Most Effective Tactics To Prevent Sexual Harassment
    • The Challenges of Cultural Conditioning
    • Becoming Free From Our Unconscious Biases
    • How Empathy Helps You Build Better Relationships
    • Quiz 3: Becoming a Prevention Champion
    • 6 Case Studies To Assess and Solve Sexual Harassment Cases
  • 5
    • Conclusion & Certification
    • Final check-in to make sure you succeed!