Canadian Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

Canadian Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

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In your engaging and interactive online program, you'll get all the tools and knowledge you need to prevent sexual harassment, build an inclusive culture, and empower all your employees. 

More and more legislation requires employers to train their employees, you might as well give them the best training and stop wasting your time with outdated training programs.

Here's more about your Gender Bridge training program:

  • Gamified, gender-neutral, optimized for desktop and mobile phones
  • 2-hour training for Supervisors and 1.5-hour for Employees (you'll specify the number of seats for each type once you purchase the program)
  • Compliant with the most progressive laws 
  • Relevant and modern examples
  • +20 diverse topics covering empathy, leadership, unconscious biases, bystander intervention, transgender, and more!
  • Created and designed by award-winning product designers, HR professionals, lawyers, and self-growth experts

You'll automatically obtain your Gender Bridge Certification for extra legal protection and to show the world you do what's right!