How To Be A Leader For Gender Equality

As an employee or manager, you are and you shape the corporate culture on a daily basis. You form a micro-society, a body of emotional people with high professional goals and standards, and one big mission to accomplish.

The values you choose and cherish are what will attract, motivate and retain top talent.

Because gender equality is such an important topic that is so present in the media, you have an opportunity to not only create a uniquely safe and inspiring workplace, but one to take the lead in your industry by proactively taking measures to support both genders, like taking this training.

To further develop your leadership, you can:

  • Consider having goals of % of male and female board members, just like Norway implemented.
  • Having hiring goals and programs to support female engineers.
  • Share your knowledge and initiatives with other companies around you.
  • Write up press articles and speak at conferences about your commitment to a safe and equal workplace for all.
  • Leverage Gender Bridge’s seal and certification to signal to potential employees and to other companies that you are taking action to bridge the gender gap, that you are a leader in this major societal movement.  
  • Track different success metrics as you implement these powerful initiatives, so you can effectively report on them.
  • Having programs in place to support maternity leaves or working moms, as it is the hardest job and they have the right to maintain their professional growth, with so much to contribute.
  • To be aware of men’s potential shame, fear, and retraction through this movement, to not point fingers, and to approach this issue as objectively and as inclusive as possible.
  • Constantly survey your employees and colleagues on how they feel as men and women being respected for their work, not their gender, being open to receiving ideas on how to further innovate on the matter.
  • Making sure all programs and procedures in place are well known by all employees, through training and awareness campaigns.
  • When evaluating candidates for a promotion or a project, checking-in within your decision process if any gender component is interfering, and making sure you support someone’s growth and skills for the best and most objective reasons.
  • Most importantly, being the most compassionate, respectful and aware colleague you can be, by not supporting any form of harassment, by speaking up if you are a witness of harassment and supporting everyone, including yourself, in being fully empowered in reaching your biggest professional goals.