5 Survival Tips to Ensure a Scandal Free Party

The #metoo movement shook us all awake to the seriousness of sexual crimes, even in the workplace. With your Holiday party coming up, we thought it’d be great to give you some essential tips to make sure the party goes smoothly, that no scandals or unwelcome behaviors ruin anyone’s life, career, or party. After all, peace of mind is a great gift to get!

  1. Go easy on the drinking and any drug consumption - especially now with weed being legal in many places. Listen, you can let loose in your personal life, with moderation of course, but for a work party, you must remain conscious and clear-minded. Your company might offer an open bar and you certainly have a lot to celebrate, but science is clear: if you drink too much, your judgment will be impaired and you might very well regret what you did or said then. Have a glass of tonic in between or a cool-looking mocktail. As a bonus, you’ll feel great the day after! The hangovers aren’t getting easier, aren’t they?
  2. Always ask for consent. This is so majorly important for any type of relationships. By making sure there’s mutual consent, you create a safe container and you prevent any confusion or unwelcomed gestures. It’s possible that something sensual might happen, but if it does, knowing it’s consensual will protect both of you and it’ll make things more comfortable. Clarity and communication lead to better relationships, even if it’s just for a memorable night.
  3. Ask yourself: will you be cool with this on Monday? This isn’t a regular party, this is a party with your colleagues, the people with whom you work every single day. It might seem trivial and fun to make out with Mike and twerk with Tania but please think twice because you’ll have to face them and all your colleagues when the party is over. The walk of shame is a little harder when it’s on your way to your desk…
  4. Use the Neuro-linguistic Programming trick “I don’t” vs “I can’t”: This simple yet powerful mind shift reveals how the mind loves freedom. Instead of saying “I can’t sleep with my colleagues”, say “I don’t sleep with my colleagues”. Saying “I don’t” instead of “I can’t” is shown to increase chances of success by 8X! If you “can’t” do something, the forbidden factor might make it sound more exciting too. Feel free to use the “I don’t” trick to get rid of other bad habits when the New Year kicks in.
  5. Be aware of your sexual harassment policy: Your company should have clearly communicated its sexual harassment policy. Some states require all companies to have one. In some cases, it’s not legal for a manager to engage on a romantic or sexual basis with a report, and in others, it’s fine under certain conditions. Such rules are important to know before the party starts. If you need a solid policy, get in touch with our team. Most importantly, if you realize you could benefit from an effective and motivating training to prevent sexual harassment in your company book a quick call with us, we got you.

You got this and we wish you the most amazing time with your colleagues, celebrating all that you’ve accomplished while you get excited for all your success ahead. 2019 will be your best year yet!