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Why Your Gender Bridge Training Matters

Legal Definitions in Simple Terms

Your Legal Rights & Responsibilities As An Employer

How to Implement an Effective Anti-Harassment Policy & Reporting System

Important Stats on Harassment & Relevant Examples

The 6 Simple Steps for You to Solve a Harassment Case

What To Do As A Bystander When You Witness Sexual Harassment

What To Do If You’ve Been Sexually Harassed

What to Do If You’ve Sexually Harassed a Colleague

How To Spot Harassment Before It Happens

The 15 Most Effective Tactics To Prevent Sexual Harassment

The Challenges of Cultural Conditioning

Becoming Free From Our Unconscious Biases

How to Keep Your Hiring & Performance Review Processes Non-Gender-Biased

How Empathy And A Mindful Use of Power Make You A Better Leader

How To Respect & Empower Your LGBTQ Colleagues

How To Create A Diverse & Inclusive Culture

9 Case Studies To Assess and Solve Sexual Harassment Cases

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As a fast-growing start-up, we aim to build an inclusive culture now as a foundation to help us reach scale. We want our products to be accessible to everyone, and creating conditions for a diverse team to thrive is mission-critical. Partnering with Gender Bridge gives us great tools to navigate this important discussion and create a safe space for our team to do their best work. Gender Bridge training is easy to implement with regular reports and a supportive and responsive team. Mylo is proud to be doing its part to bridge the gender gap.

Jennifer McDonald, COO at Mylo

Working in Corporate America over the past 20 years, I have been required to take many types of mandated trainings to prevent sexual harassment. The trainings were very short, unsubstantial and not taken very seriously by employees.  The difference I noticed when taking the Gender Bridge Training is the depth they go into for raising awareness, not just about the issue itself, but also for solutions to very “real world” issues that are happening around us. The information felt real and relatable. Thank you for providing a powerful and engaging training that is by far the most comprehensive I've ever seen.

Michael Kousoulas, Practising Law Institute

"Everyone's talking about sexual harassment, but having the chance to really understand the nuances of the problem, the solutions, and easy-to-apply solutions was powerful and inspiring. I enjoyed being encouraged to think and to take part of the solution. I have two young daughters so it's important for me to take action, it's time to invest in prevention and so my daughters will work in an environment healthy and they will be supported like their male colleagues."

Nishant Sharma, Manager at Desjardins Bank

"Gender Bridge is an excellent solution for ethics and compliance driven companies looking to address sexual harassment in the workplace and striving to meet legal requirements like in the state of New York. Policies are not enough to establish a sustainable culture change, people need to understand the "why" and "how" behind the effort of putting solutions in place. Gender Bridge provides employees the tools and knowledge needed to put theory into action."

Jessica Kaplan, Head of Legal and Compliance, Deugro Group